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Back Pain - Know the Causes and Treatments Available !

  • Dr Sanjay Bansal
  • 30 July, 2018

Lumbago or Spine pain is a condition that is characterized by mild to serious pain or uneasiness in the lower back region. Back pain is more prevalent among the youth whose hard work includes physical efforts or sitting for more hours and is also frequent in individuals belonging to the 'retirement age' because of their sitting lifestyles. The pain might be acute (sudden and extreme) or chronic if it has been endured over a span of three months.

The most common causes of lower back pain are:

1. Overuse of the muscles and includes strains or sprains of soft tissues such as muscles, ligaments and vertebral compression fractures

2. Pressure on the roots of nerves due to conditions such as spinal canal stenosis (narrowing down of the spaces within the spine) or herniated disc (a condition of the rubbery disc present between the spine bones (vertebrae) ).

3. Osteoarthritis is a condition wherein the shock absorbers, found in the joints, progressively break down.

How to diagnose back pain or a slip disc?

Some methods that can be utilized for diagnosing back include Xray, CT Scans, Myelogram and MRI scans.

Exercises along with correct posture for reduce back pain are a common element of any treatment plan. Factors such as type and severity of the pain as well as the patient?s history can help in determining the type of treatment that can be administered. In most cases, the recovery time is usually six weeks without surgery. Typical treatment of back pain includes use of muscle relaxants, painkillers and physiotherapy. Surgery is suggested in severe cases.

1. Rest: A period of rest and inactivity would help the injured tissues to recuperate and relieve back pain. However, enlarge times of rest lead to weakening of muscles and hence might protract the existing back pain.

2. Heat and ice packs: Both ice and heat therapies are taken according to the patient's inclination to reduce inflammation.

2. Medications: A large variety of prescription and over-the-counter medicines are available. Some reduce back pain caused by inflammation and others prevent the pain signals from travelling to the brain. Examples would include acetaminophen, celecoxib and diclofenac.

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